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As an independent artist I’m able to do things in an unprecedented fashion.


Instead of solely licensing my tracks to big companies and labels, I can also sell the rights publicly.


That’s what I aim to do with this NFT project.


By purchasing an NFT you are buying into a 10% profit share of the track, be it royalties from streaming or sync.


This is essentially saying that as an earlier supporter of mine, you will be paid back tenfold.


The benefits of buying one singular token:


  • 10% of all royalties for the master recording linked to the NFT during the time you hold it.

  • Rights to distribute and sync the song off your own back (meaning if you can get it on a TV/Radio/Gaming/Cinema placement, you make even more money )


Plus, with crypto prices and gas fee’s cheaper than they have been in a while, now is the perfect time to buy in - hence why I held off on releasing this project till the dip was well underway.


With Ethereum slowly starting to climb back up and Bitcoin’s having cycle nearly coming to an end - analyst’s predict the next boom by the end of 2024.


So why wait?


I’m slowly but surely building the foundation of a media empire that will be unlike anything the world’s currently seen. I encourage you to join me. Don’t just be somebody that i used to know

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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